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Retired Musicians Social Club

Retired from life, dedicated to jazz...

Retired Musicians Social Club brings together musicians of the same mind, who share a tradition, a high standard of performance and artistic value. Renowned on the jazz scene for more than 15 years, the performers stand out from the rest for their high level of professionalism, their deep knowledge of music history, culture and tradition, and for constantly surprising their listeners with their playing and good sound.

What We Do


You can find RMSC playing at various venues, ranging from international jazz festivals to private parties.

Performances are either as a full quartet or quintet, or as a piano trio with drums and double bass, as well as solo programmes.


Recording studio

We support and mentor talented young artists and help them to compose, arrange and record their songs in our own recording studio.

We can come and professionally record your music at your place.

We provide sound systems for events.

Recording studio

Music lessons

Rather than playing from sheet music, we teach the basics of improvisation, harmony and rhythm. We will introduce you to music tradition, culture and history.

We also do jazz improvisation workshops.

Music lessons

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